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Often there can be disagreements within the band – that’s perfectly normal. The important thing is that you agree on a name that is okay for everyone.

If you have the opportunity to train at home, you can save yourself a lot of costs. Otherwise you need to look for a room or an office. There is enough office space to rent – so you can also find the right space in your city. In this context, it is important that you are clear in advance of how this will be financially managed. So it makes the most sense if you split the rent equally among yourself.

It is especially important at the beginning that you rehearse regularly. This is the only way you can coordinate and learn from one another. You can recognize successful bands not only by the fact that each individual can sing or make music well, but also by the fact that the band members harmonize with one another.

In addition, of course, everyone has to practice the individual songs at home so that they can be played perfectly in front of an audience.

The singer in your band should possibly also take singing lessons so that he can continue his education here as well. The better he gets at singing, the more authentic your performance will be. Because in addition to the musical accompaniment, the singing is the decisive factor in whether a band is successful or not.

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